MIL Sosium

by milnetwork

The MIL Sosium Training Program is a social project organised within the MIL Network to educate young people on civil society issues. The main goal of the project is to educate the young deeply on the understanding of civil society and give impetus to the development of Azerbaijani civil society. 

Trainings within the project are carried out for 4-6 weeks, during weekends. Participants who apply through the registration form receive the right to participate in the project after passing the interview stage. At the end of the project, active participants are awarded a certificate and named MIL Follower.

 The main topics taught within the MIL Socium Training Program are:

  • Dictionary of civil society, basic concepts in social sciences;
  • What is bio-politics? On the art of public governance;
  • What is civil society? Basic concepts and theories;
  • Civil Society institutions, types, and activities;
  • What is democracy? Basic theories and competition;
  • On the concept of philanthropy and volunteerism, relations between human and society ;
  • Seminars on topics such as social work, family, children, health, education, environment, etc .;
  • On relations between public entrepreneurship, NGOs and business organizations, corporate responsibility;
  • Global civil society and international NGOs;
  • Socio-philosophical thinking;
  • Discussion of individual and public life;
  • National identity;
  • Peace and Conflicts;
  • Public advocacy;
  • Egalitarianism; and so on

In addition to the trainers’ speeches within the project, MIL members and followers have the opportunity to speak for 20-30 minutes on a topic they have chosen and prepared in advance. In this way, they can develop their trainer skills and specialise in the topic of their choice.