MIL Simpozium

by milnetwork

MIL Symposium is a public project organized within the MIL Network to draw the attention of young people, students, journalists, researchers, social workers, experts, and others to important issues in Azerbaijani civil society, to educate them on public issues. The main goal of the project, along with education, is to support the expansion and development of the public sphere and public debate, as well as to act as a bridge between young people and experts.

The first topic of the symposium was “The Concept of a Free Human” prepared in accordance with the book “In the Land of Free People” by Ahmad bey Agaoglu. MIL Symposium I – Free Human Concept was implemented on November 28, 2015, with the participation of about 100 people. During the event, the speakers approached the topic from different angles and shared their views. Speakers, Rahman Badalov gave a speech on the book “In the Land of Free People”, Rasim Garaja spoke on the topics of “Can our modern literature raise a free human?”, Yalchin Islamzade on the topic of “What is human nature?”, Gunel Safarova on the topic of “Can the Azerbaijani family raise a free human?”. 

In addition, during the event, the presentation and sale of the re-published book “In the Land of Free People” by our valuable educator Ahmad bey Agaoglu were carried out within the framework of the Network’s MIL Book project.

MIL Simpozium, “The Concept of Free Human”