MIL Gender

by milnetwork

The MIL Gender Training Program is a social project organized within the MIL Network to educate young people about gender issues and increase gender sensitivity in society. The main goal of the project is to provide in-depth study of gender concepts and to promote the development of women’s * and LGBT + rights in Azerbaijan. Trainings within the project are carried out for 4-6 weeks, during weekends. Participants first apply through a registration form, after passing the interview stage, they are considered selected for the project. At the end of the project, active participants are awarded a certificate and named MIL Follower. The main topics taught under the MIL Gender Training Program are:

  • Hate speech, Bullying and victim blaming concepts;
  • Sex, Gender, Sexuality;
  • Gender Identity, Queer Theory;
  • LGBTQI + and Heteronormativeness;
  • Gender-related stereotypes;
  • Feminism;
  • Sexual reproductive health and rights;
  • Gender-based violence and the fight against it;
  • Gender analysis

In addition to the trainers’ speeches within the project, MIL members and followers have the opportunity to speak for 20-30 minutes on a topic they have chosen and prepared in advance. In this way, they can develop their trainer skills and specialize in the topic of their choice.