MIL Management Program

by milnetwork

The MIL Management Program is one of the first and long-term projects of the MIL Network. The project aims to increase the management skills and knowledge of young people in the management of civil society organizations and social projects. A small part of the program is training and theoretical knowledge in various areas, the main part covers practical work such as a strategic goal, strategic planning, and operational planning, writing and managing social projects, organizing events and meetings, working with volunteers, group and teamwork, organizational building and networking. The mentioned training and theoretical knowledge include Civil Society and its working mechanism, Women * and LGBTQI + issues, Green values and Peace topics which are included in working spheres of MIL, as well as volunteering, MIL project management principles, trainings where participants get the information needed within the Management Program. During the training, participants are divided into Working Groups according to the areas of interest listed above and get acquainted with the activities to be performed in the next practical part of the project. In this part, young people make plans in groups, hold meetings, design, and implement their ideas. During the program, there is one mentor in each group, who guides the group members, as well as informs the Executive Committee about their activities and progress.

Young people who successfully complete the 6-month program are awarded the MIL Network Diploma and receive the title of “MIL Follower”.The Working Groups formed within the previously organized Management Program projects are as follows:

  • Center for Social Sciences
  • Cultural Center
  • Gender Club
  • Personal Development Academy
  • Entertainment and Game Club